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Steel Distribution Company Based in Cleveland, Ohio

O'Donnell Steel Co. has the steel that is required for your construction project. Choose the metal your need from our steel distribution company in Cleveland, Ohio.

Steel Products, Steel Distribution Company in Cleveland, OH

Slit & Sheered-to-Size Materials
Have our company slit and sheer your steel to a specific size. This saves you time on your construction job because the metal is ready for you. You are able to push the metal right into a machine and make the parts you need. In addition, if your machines cannot handle it, we have the machines capable for
your needs.

Hot Roll Steel
Your basic steel is hot rolled and coiled. This is a great product for a variety of uses on your construction fields such as for welding.

Cold Rolled
Reduce and flatten the thickness of your product down to a sixteenth. When this is done, you have a more precise part with a tighter tolerance.

HYPNO Pickling & Oiling
The basic steel is put in an acid bath and coated in oil. This process is done to protect the metal from corrosion. This product is ideal for your construction projects and it gives your final build a nicer looking appearance. 

Our galvanized metal is dipped and coated in zinc. Coating the material in zinc is a corrosion resistant measure that protects the base metals from carbon exposure. 

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